We are living in a time when fixed notions have been lost and new possibilities are on the horizon. My work attempts to trap the mutable state of things where paradigms shift, boundaries erode, and particles collide. I investigate the architecture of chance, the stretching of time, and the delaying of the inevitable. Borrowing and subverting from my training as an architect, I explore processes that merge the physical and mental landscape. I attempt to map out cartographies of tension and compression that represent moments of transformation, movement, and entropy whereby subject and object are no longer discernible. 

My work is also a fusion of my background and the unique cities in which I have lived. San Francisco’s earthquakes, Miami’s hurricanes, New Orleans’ weakened levees, Venice’s rising lagoon and New York during 9/11, have left indelible impressions on me of the vulnerability and resiliency of life in the big city. In turn, my work posits a contemporary interpretation of the space that we live in today – a contradictory world that is simultaneously global, territorial, and essentially vulnerable.
Felice Grodin is a visual artist and cultural agent, whose work combines the real and the virtual through experimental and transdisciplinary projects that reframes the familiar and speculatively confronts the uncanny. Her work hovers between the digital and analog realms, creating immersive experiences that have an impact on reality. She incorporates the use of digital tools including augmented reality, digital modeling, fabrication and video