Art Lease



Diana Lowenstein Gallery offers Corporate Art Leasing Services, a tax-deductible, turn-key solution making world-class art affordable and commitment-free for residential, commercial and hospitality properties.




SITE-SURVEY of the property to identify locations best suited for the placement
of the artwork.

MEETING with client to determine preferences, scope and budget.

DIGITAL PRESENTATION featuring multiple artworks selected by the gallery's
curatorial team, based on initial conversation.

Assisting client with SELECTION of the artwork.

TRANSPORTATION and INSTALLATION of the artwork under curatorial supervision.

INSURANCE of artwork.

REMOVAL of artwork at the end of the lease.



EPIC Residences & Hotel, Miami

Celebrating its unique surroundings, EPIC Residences & Hotel boastsan extensive permanent art collection that features local as well as international artists. Curated by Miami-based gallery Diana Lowenstein, the collection was carefully selected for its subject matter which exquisitely compliments the elegant whimsy of the interiors.

Upon arrival, Xavery Wolski's outdoor sculpture "Constant Chain", evokes the maritime feeling that is such as strong component of EPIC's design. The property's architecture is greatly influenced by the surrounding water, making Wolski's masterpiece the perfect choice to highlight its entrance.

Thought-provoking and original concepts identify EPIC's extensive collection of original works on display throughout the residences & hotel's common areas and guest suites.

World renowned talent such as James Brown, Roberto Matta, Dario Basso, Fernando DeSzyszlo, Jose Bechara, Karina Wisniewska, Alexis Gorodine, Gye Hoon Park, and Ola Kolehmainen, to name a few, are highlighted.

Gonzalo Gonzalez

Xavery Wolski

Xavery Wolski

Xavery Wolski

Xavery Wolski

Mauro Machado

Mauro Machado

Jose Bechara

Dario Basso

Ola Kolehaimen



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Jim Amaral - Angela Glajcar

Antoni Tapies - Hernan Dompe

Daniel Gonzalez

Dario Basso

Roberto Matta

Mimmo Paladino - Fabiano Parisi

Antoni Tapies



The Art Collection for the Virgin Hotel Chicago was curated by the Diana Lowenstein Gallery. Having worked closely with the interior design team at the Rockwell Group Europe, the art program was conceived to manifest Virgin's singular spirit and unite it to that of this iconic metropolis and location. It is housed in a designated Chicago Landmark, originally the headquarters of the Old Dearborn Bank. Constructed in 1928, the building was designed by the acclaimed architecture firm of Rapp & Rapp, who were especially known for their theaters throughout the country.

The youthful and playful aura for which Virgin is known intuitively led to the selection of works from 100 Masterpieces by Ralf Peters.

These most unexpected tributes to well-known historical paintings by the German photographer now fittingly reside in a city known for its own strong connection to a storied past.

Artworks by Richard Lindner, coincidentally also from Germany, likewise recall another time. They are evocative of the Art Deco period which so strongly marked the hotel's surrounding area. Meanwhile, the more recent past is incorporated in the distinctive style of Mexican artist Carlos de Villasante. His installations elicit the urban and industrial feel of 20th Century Chicago while contributing to the spirited, somewhat irreverent essence with which Virgin is so closely identified.

Alejandra Padilla, an internationally recognized Argentinean artist, and Michael Loveland, a Miami-based sculptor, were commissioned to create unique pieces for the hotel. Both innovatively integrate unexpected everyday materials in their aesthetically captivating compositions, as well as Virgin's signature red – an intentional homage to the company's distinct identity.

Based in Miami's Wynwood Art District, the Diana Lowenstein Gallery has over twenty-five years of specialized experience presenting contemporary art in the United States and across the globe. The Gallery runs a year-long exhibition program in Miami while participating in art fairs around the world presenting the works of its stable of international artists.

In addition, the Gallery offers customized curatorial services through its Corporate Art Lease Program for a variety of clients. Artwork is specifically selected based on the client's needs and vision, always keeping in mind the unique characteristics of the location and finding solutions to organically weave the art into its architecture and design. Diana Lowenstein Gallery offers clients a turn-key service which includes: selection of the artwork, production, framing, delivery and installation. Collections can be created for hotels, corporate offices, banks, medical buildings, law firms and residential projects, among others.

Ralf Peters

Alejandra Padilla

Alejandra Padilla

Richard Lidner

Richard Lidner

Michael Loveland



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Graciela Sacco - Danie Gonzalez

Vito Acconci - Michael Loveland

Michael Wolf

Jean Dubuffet

Ryotaro Endo

Alejandra Padilla - Cecilia Paredes - Jorge Simes

Aitor Ortiz - Ivelisse Jimenez