Born in 1965, Madrid Spain

Art linked to the intimate experience of the body and time, to the search for an interior portrait with beauty as the essential interlocutor. As Barthes would say, "a slight fold in which the page of life, the silk of language, has been pinched."

Nothing remains stable, there is a changing equilibrium, transitions that describe the play of internal forces and advocate what is about to happen. Actions captured in the process of transformation, and that suggests an inherent inertia to development, will or encouragement.

Actions that can only be interpreted from the senses. The work is not intended to provoke simple visual pleasure or tactile experience. Its reason is to stimulate desire, seduce us until we penetrate sensually into the object and perceive the emotion it proposes from a more intimate, more subjective place.

From the duality provided by the language of the senses and the language of matter, the work is defined and constructed. An industrial skin epidermis as a materialization of internal organic emotions is the paradox chosen as a narrative tool