DIRK SALZ Biography

Born in 1962,Bochum, Germany

With my art I am looking for the ideal that can never be reached. That is why my work always consists of composition and irritation. Always looking for the ideal ratio of the one coherent composition - which of course must be always disappointed. In this experience the producer and observer become one, human perception and cognition never attainable. 
Dirk Salz (2013)
 It is about human perception.
What is real and what is reality? What can we be sure of? 
It deals with the things, that are ’inbetween or beyond’, things that are not lying blank on the table, but hidden under the surface. Things that we can sometimes be aware of, but are otherwise unable to describe or explain with our speech and our mind. 

These are the things I’m personally interesteted in. And because words are not appropriate means to communicate about those things, we have to use others. Art has this opportunity. It can influence and impact a viewer not only visually but in a more sensual way. My artworks start a dialogue with the viewer. They are looking and feeling different - dependend on time, space, the light and the viewer himself. So everybody has to gather his own experience with the painting in the very moment of perception.

- And if it works, you may be able to experience those rare moments, when you suddenly become aware, that there is more than this...
Dirk Salz (2014)