Born in 1968, Leon,Spain.

At the beginning of the nineties his work was moving away from painting to give way to works with a marked conceptual character. In these works, authorship was annulled by graphically recording linguistic propositions or formulas, which resulted in a series of drawings on the wall or on intervened recycled papers. These works, sometimes ephemeral, constitute the most representative part of his work until the end of that decade. Starting in 2000, Verbis's work became more restless and he began to introduce unusual materials into his painting (cotton threads, plasticine, canvas, buttons…). In an attempt to reconstruct the idea of the painting as an object, I end up deconstructing the idea of what painting could or could not be. It is just at that moment when the frame becomes a characteristic element of his painting. Today Verbis painting has become more introspective, more complex. His work forks into heterogeneous paths that are not always easy to follow: on the one hand, Verbis practices a biomorphic abstract painting in large polyptychs and on the other hand an action painting whose best exponent are his mural works. Nor can we forget his disturbing sculptures or his works on paper: drawings, engravings, photographs and collages in which a certain sui generis figuration makes an appearance.