Born in Venezuela

For many years my work dealt with the interaction between color, form and space.  Just as important as the work itself was the atmosphere surrounding it.  To mention some examples I could start with: Confeti, groups of paintings in different shapes and sizes playfully put together; Mi Cuadro, painted wooden boxes, in plastic handbags, like merchandise in a department store; Pasta, finger paintings which seem to blend with their backgrounds creating optic movement; Cassata, different textures and color fields put together with a heavy white acrylic borderline; M’s, quilted multicolor circles hanging like chains on the walls and crossing the rooms; Purísimas, small Madonna icons placed randomly on a dark background wall resembling a night sky full of stars.  The Pulpa Chic Series began in 2001 with partly quilted (meaty) object-paintings using cloths and acrylic paint.  They had a sort of pop prefabricated beautiful look that reflects today’s values and way of life, in which nature is often modified to achieve the ultimate desired artificial perfection.  The development continues and the paintings expand to become more and more three dimensional objects. The new pulpas are colorful pieces made from bikini lycras, filled with polyester cotton, stapled on wooden frames and painted with acrylic paints.