Plastische Fotografie, RALF PETERS, 2004

Plastische Fotografie



“Something is off in Ralf Peters’ photographs: gas stations without any logos, signs, or indications of price; sculptural objects put together from architectural elements that float freely in space and certainly cannot exist as such; photographic pendants of New York’s Ninth Avenue, depicting either all men or all women; rows of vacation homes that, on closer examination, turn out to be assembled from the same repeated elements. The artist always constructs an element of confusion into his images that, once it has been spotted, ensures we will look more carefully and more critically. He digitizes the photographs and then manipulates them on a computer. Put in that way, however, we are presuming that the images that Ralf Peters intended to show us existed before they were manipulated with the help of software, and thus, that this constitutes a kind of forgery or falsification. It raises the questions what genuine and authentic even mean when applied to images and what is the artistically necessary aspect of these works.” – Daniel Spanke, Sculptural Photography, The Reality of the Photograph in Art

(2004, Edition Bernhard Knaus, 131 pages)

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