UDO NOGER - New Works


PRESS RELEASE: UDO NOGER - New Works, Jan  3 - Apr 10, 2019

UDO NOGER - New Works
Jan 3 – Apr 10, 2019

A sovereign’s discourse upon light and space is characteristic of the paintings of Udo Nöger. In his sensuous, delicately color shaded works; Nöger pursues the traditional parameters of painting. He explores the possibilities of the interaction of light, color and open space.

Udo Nöger’s recent work incorporates translucent materials, which emphasize the artist’s interest in light and it’s manifestations. In Nöger’s art light enters into the painting, illuminating the forms and then returning to the surrounding space that is its source. The paintings media is oil and acrylic on layered canvas and fabric, which trap the light so as to transform it and send it back. The light in the painting feels as though it is emanating from the forms themselves. Nöger draws and entraps luminosity not only for the practical purpose of highlighting his compositions but also for the abstract rendering of light as a material-a hugely difficult, and more than likely a German, objective. In Nöger’s case, this transformation of an abstract entity into sensuous terms feels German in both a philosophical and a formal sense; his art turns on the paradox that something as disembodied as light can be represented physically, so that our conception of it literally has something to hold.

The paintings show the floating of the elements and their permanent change.

Udo Nöger’s work results from a well-considered combination of concept and intuition, of rationality and subjective expression.