KARINA WISNIEWSKA - Bewegte Stille/Silent Dynamism

Karina Wisniewska has created a formally concentrated body of work, which despite its conscious reduction contains a wealth of geometric and ornamental elements. From a monochromatic basis she develops deceptively simple, yet complex patterns. The pictures glow with intense colours, creating space, engendering depth, and communicating with the architecture around them. At the same time, there is a perceptible rhythm to the design which refers associatively to music, to graphic notation. The artist arranges sound-colours into colour symphonies, making links to her previous activity as a concert pianist and chamber musician. The monochromatic and calligraphic works reflect Karina Wisniewska’s search for the symbiosis between music and painting.

(2009, Benteli Verlags and Karina Wisniewska, 176 pages)


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